Benefits for partners

The low pay offered by advertising space, and the ever increasing use of ad blockers by internet users impose huge constraints on news sites, blogs, webzines and other information media online.

Intricacies for internet users

  • supporting their favourite websites via donations
  • registeration on each website offering a home subscribtion
  • continue using an ad blocker even on the websites they like

Enables content creators to

  • be paid much more than by renting advertising space
  • ensure their independance
  • continue being creative and provide quality content

Propose an ad free alternative

  • strengthen your editorial independance
  • secure your visitors’ loyalty
  • expand your list of readers by appearing in the "discovery list" among our other partners
  • Reading comfort and quicker viewing, meaning that more pages are consulted

Easy to integrate

The integration is done quickly, with a few lines of Javascipt and the configuration of the advert areas with a small script that we provide. Nothing could be easier or faster !

Download the plugin

Extra contents

Do you want to offer dedicated contents to your subscribers?

Whether you're a blog, a news website or an online newspaper, you have the possibility to offer to your subscribers an access to premium contents through Obop.

Administration & Management

The OBOP partners benefit from a management platform which enables them to stay informed and mange their accounts.

This area is dedicated to offering a detailed traffic analysis

  • new inscriptions
  • number of visits
  • number of active accounts
  • estiamted monthly income and objectives
  • and many more functionalities


  1. What’s OBOP ?

    It’s an online service which enables its subscribers to enjoy ‘ad free’ access to all our partners’ websites.

  2. Is it complicated to implicate your
    solution ?

    The integration can be done realy quickly by adding some lines of Javascript on the pages and a simple piece of code around the ads area

  3. How much do you take ?

    OBOP grants themselves 10% for running the service, from which VAT and the payment platform fees have to be deducted, making a total of approximately 20%.
    What’s left is paid to the partner !

    Example 1:
    If, a subscriber only visits your website during a particular month, your result will be 100%. You will therefore receive the 4.99 subscription fee.
    After deductions (OBOP, VAT and payment fees) you will receive approximately 4.00 from that one internet user.

    Example 2:
    If a subscriber visits 4 of our partners’ websites, and the number of visits to your website represents 25% of all their visits, your share would therefore be 25%, approximately €1 in relation to a monthly subscription.
    After deductions (OBOP, VAT and payment fees) you will receive approximately 0.80 from that one internet user.

  4. Is a minimum wage garanteed ?

    Yes : To garantee it, we have limited each subscriber to have a maximum of 50 websites in their favourites. This ensures that the partners receive at least €1 per year from each subrscriber, enabling them to maintain an amount superior than what they would receive from an internet user who surfs with adverts for the same period of time.

  5. Do we really have to block the ads ?

    Yes, it is a condition for using the system.However, sponsored articles are permitted, provided that they are indicated as such.

  6. What about internet users who use ad blockers ?

    This is not a problem. Internet users who use that kind of plugin can use OBOP ; ad blockers will neither block our platform, nor prevent it from working properly.

  7. Do you track internet users ? Do you sell their data to third parties?

    No, and we want it to stay that way ! The only thing we trace are the number of times you visit one of our partners’ website purely so that we can distribute the subscription fees on a pro-rata basis of your visits.

  8. How can I tell my audience that I’m using OBOP ?

    We suggest that you create a note, an article or even a page dedicated to letting your readers know that you are offering them the possibility to browse your website ad free, even if some of them use ad blockers.

    We also have official badges that you can ‘pin’ onto your pages to promote this new service.

  9. What will a subscriber see who hasn’t added my website to his favoutires yet ?

    A subscriber who visits your website for the first time will see a small pop up bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of the page, asking them if they want to add your website to their favourites or not.

    Each subscriber will have access to a list of all our partners in ‘Discovery’ section, which they can access from their profile page. They can also add or remove websites to or from their favourites.

Badge generator

Add our official badge to promote this new service to internet users who visit your website




* Recommended for QHD display (retina)



Code generated

Place this script in the <head> of your pages:

<script src=""></script>

Then copy/paste this HTML code in the <body> at the desired place:

<span data-obop="badge fr partner medium"></span>

Become a partner

The natural softener for optimal reading comfort !

Do you wish to use OBOP for your website ?

Easy ! Just sign up. We’ll let you know what you need to do to integrate OBOP . We will delighted to have you as one of our partners.